45 Hour Salesperson Post-License Course  $249

​                                              Post-Licensing Education Textbook- INCLUDED


                                    63 Hour Salesperson Pre-License Course  $349  ($589 value!)


                                   72 Hour Broker Pre-License Course  $569

​                                             Real Estate Broker's Guide Textbook AND Real Estate Exam CRAM Course Textbook- INCLUDED




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Florida PPL Textbook 40th Ed. included AND ​the State Exam CRAM Textbook-  A FREE BONUS!

​​This course sets the standard for Florida real estate education and is a requirement by the State of Florida to qualify and sit for the state exam. Students will be provided with the latest developments in Florida Real Estate Law and Practice. (Florida Real Estate Commission approved syllabus for the fulfillment of prlicense certification. This course must be completed before you are permitted to take the state exam.)​

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Florida Real Estate Brokers Guide 5th Edition is approved by the state of Florida. This course will help students prepare for the new proficiency state exam requirements.  This course is mandatory for all broker candidates. The guide and classroom course includes all necessary topics for the broker exam, complete with end-of-chapter questions and a practice final exam. Updated to reflect changes to Chapter 475 F.S., this course includes practice questions to prepare students for the new proficiency state exam requirements.  


(Florida Real Estate Commission approved syllabus (Course II) for Broker pre-license certification.) 

This course is a requirement before the first renewal of license.  Student will learn to meet changing market needs, as well as changes in Florida law.  Students will participate in expanded discussions on financing, fair housing  laws, and social media.  (Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) approved syllabus for fulfillment of Sales Associate post license certification.)

Course Textbook- INCLUDED
This updated course has the most recent changes to Florida law and FREC rule changes. Topic coverage includes the National Flood Insurance Program and more. This course is a popular, interactive approach to the 14-hour CE course, offering timely and critical information to licensees in short, lively units, with interspersed progress quiz questions. The “Forms-to-Go” section makes important forms readily available to licensees. (Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) approved course for post license continuing education certification.)

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                                    14 Hour Continuing Education Course  $99


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